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Bush Balm Staging

About Us

Indigenous Australians have used native plants to soothe and relieve ailments for generations. Traditional knowledge from our communities inspired the creation of Bush Balm® products. They are made locally from wild harvested bush medicine plants collected on country by traditional owners in Central Australia. Bush Balms® were first produced by and for the growing number of Indigenous dialysis patients and their families. Forced to leave their country indefinitely for treatment, many longed for traditional bush remedies to remind them of home. And so the Bush Balms® were born. Created by people with an unbroken tradition of Indigenous intellectual and cultural knowledge, Bush Balms® are truly made from the heart.

Plants we use

Wild harvested
in central australia

Arrethe is used by Aboriginal people of Central Australia to relieve eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis & itchy dry irritated skin.

Irmangka is used for relief of arthritis, muscle & joint inflammation, cramps & bruises – also used to sooth headaches and eases cold & flu symptoms.

Wild harvested Central Australia Native Lemongrass draws an aroma of citrus spirit from the arid lands while possessing gentle anti-inflammatory properties.

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Why choose bush balm


Locally made in Alice Springs NT


Bush medicine plants wild-harvested on country in Central Australia


Made using traditional knowledge passed down the generations


Keeping the connection to culture and country strong


Supporting Indigenous employment opportunities


Soothing balms that have been used for thousands of years

Award Winning

NT Natural Resource Management Sustainable Enterprise Award
Ethical Enterprise Award

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